Botany & Horticulture

About the Department

  • Department was established in 1964 with B.Sc., CBZ Combination.  
  • B.Sc., BBM (Botany, Biochemistry, and Microbiology) combination was started during 1993.
  • Department offers Add-on-Course / Career Oriented Course in Horticulture from 2004 onwards.

a) Vision : To provide quality education for students in the domain of plants & be able to make them “Go-green & Grow Green”
b) Mission : Be Herbal, do Herbal and go Herbal
c) Activities : Signature activity of the department is surveying and documentation of plants which are the most important natural resources for the survival of living organisms including human beings. The Department of Botany always strive for the overall upliftment of students, according to the established credentials of the institution. Faculty members are involved in motivating students in developing leadership qualities by way of organising collection trips, educational tours, group discussions, seminars, quiz, literary & cultural activities. The faculty members also actively guide students pertaining to competitive exams, research and for interviews of campus selection.

Courses offered: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.,) with the following combinations

  • CBZ – Chemistry, Botany & Zoology
  • BBM – Botany, Biochemistry & Microbiology
  • Add on Course in Horticulture


Sl.No Name   Qualification  Designation Details
1. Dr. S. Prathibha M.Sc., Ph.D Associate Professor View Details
2. Dr. V. Beligiri Ranga M.Sc., Ph.D Visiting Faculty View Details
3. Mr. B.L. Kiran M.Sc Temp. Asst. Professor View Details

Scheme : Semester Scheme – 3 years with 6 semesters

Laboratory Facilities :

  1. Well equipped laboratory with 15 working slabs
  2. Well groomed museum with 700 plant specimens(Wet & dry specimens)
  3. Printed, Categorised & numbered Biovisual charts (total of 150 charts)
  4. Physiological, Ecological, Phytological & Microbiological lab equipments, in the latest available models & versions to give hands on training to students, enabling them to compete at all levels .
  5. Herbarium housing 100s of herbarium sheets arranged according to the accepted system of classification
  6. Access to centralised laboratory equipped with PCR, Geldock & Fluorescent Microscope

Contact : 9243707241, 0821-2548236, 380.