Postgraduate Department of English was established in 2012 with the vision of providing an impetus to the study of English Language and Literature. The department has a mission helping students to build knowledge of the content and methods of literary studies, professional, and creative writing and prepares students to pursue careers in education, research, business, law, government, and publishing. It encourages creativity, which is crucial to English studies through readings of professional writers, and also encourages students own creative and critical writings. The department conducts Literary Club Activities fortnightly, to provide an opportunity to the students to discuss and share their views on recent literary works and students’ articles are featured in Department’s Wall Magazine, “The Passion Never Ends”.In addition to core English Literature and American Literature components, it encourages studies in New Literatures in English, Feminism, Comparative and Cultural Studies.Students Research Project is a part of curricular component. The syllabus of the Masters in English Programme offered by the department follows revisions periodically providing an opportunity to students to get updated knowledge.

The Department ensures the rigour of academic program and the faculty strive ceaselessly, to inculcate creativity, innovation and creates a stimulating environment for the academic growth of its students. Talks, paper presentations in student seminars are organised regularly to enhance the communicative skills of the students.

Courses Offered: Masters in English


Name Qualification  Designation Details
Dr Syed Hajira Begum M. A., B.Ed., PhD Assistant Professor & HOD View Profile
Dr Shobha M. A., B.Ed., PhD Assistant Professor View Profile
Smt Madhavi K R M. A., B.Ed  (Pursuing PhD) Temporary Assistant Professor View Profile

Scheme/credit matrix           

TheDepartment of Postgraduate English follows the scheme and syllabus under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Continuous Assessment Grading Pattern (CAGP), which provides students an opportunity to give seminars and participate in discussions. A  Project Work leading to a Dissertationduring the final semester will give students the hands on experience to plan, design and prepare the research work on their own. The details of the present scheme are given below.

Course Type Credits to be earned Total Credits
  I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Semester  
Hard core Course 16 16 12 08 + Project Work (04) 56
Soft Core Course 04 04 04 04 16
Open Elective Course - - 04 - 04
Semester Total 20 20 20 16 76
Detailed Syllabus for the Academic Year 2017-18

Placement   90%

Research Centre                               

The Department has submitted a proposal to the University of Mysore to get recognition for Doctoral Programmein English through JSS Foundation and the result is awaited.

Research activities

The Department is actively involved in research on Postcolonial Literatures, African Literature, Indian Literature, Diasporic Writings, Feminism, ELT and the faculty has published research articles in National and International Journals, presented papers in seminars and conferences. The Department has received funding from University Grants Commission, SWRO, Bengaluru for Minor Research Project and proposals have been submitted to UGC for financial assistance to organize National Seminar and National Conference in the upcoming academic year.


Head of the Department
Postgraduate Department in English, JSS College of Arts
Commerce and Science (Autonomous), B N Road
Mysuru- 570 025

Mobile:      +91- 9535803738
Off: 0821 – 254 8379
Email: syed_hajira@yahoo.co.in