About the Department

The  department  was  established  in the year  1964  with  the aim   to  provide  quality  education  in the domain  of  Mathematics   for  rural  students. Department  of  Mathematics  is committed  to  impart  education  in Mathematics  with  the  aim  to  expose  young minds  to  the  excitement  of  doing  Mathematics, to develop  independent  mathematical  thinking and  enabling  them  to  have  a meaningful career in Mathematics. In order  to achieve this  the students  must  be equipped  with substantial  Knowledge  for  a wide  range of  applications  of Mathematics  in other disciplines .Accordingly  the  department  has  been  organizing  special lectures, Seminars (both  National  and  International) Periodically. The  post graduate  programme  in Mathematics  was started  from the academic  year  2012-13 with  the  vision  to provide  quality  higher  education  and promote  research  in Mathematics.

Courses Offered : B.Sc , With PCM, PMCs, PME & PMCm BCA  & B.Voc.,


Sl No Name Qualification Designation Details
1 Prof. S. Linganna M.Sc Hon. Professor & Head View Details
2 Ms. P.Nandini M.Sc ,B.Ed Assistant Professor View Details

Scheme / Credit Matrix : Semester Scheme
Laboratory facilities (if applicable) : The  department  has  a mathematical laboratory  (Computer lab)
Placement (since last 5 years) : 50
Contact : 0821-2548236, 380
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