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No. of Journals

  • Subject Journals    :142    Inter:         Nat:    138       Reg:4


Sl.No. Title Period
1 Business Today Fortnightly
2 Indian Journal of Marketing Bymonthly
3 Business World  Weekly
4 Executive Chartered Secretary Monthly
5 Indian Journal of Industrial Relation Monthly
6 Indian Journal of Commerce Monthly
7 Psychology and Personal Development Quarterly
8 Sahashi kaygarikodhyami Monthly
9 Indian Journal of Finance Quarterly
10 Out Look Business Bymonthly
11 Indian Journal of Management Fortnightly
12 CII Communique Monthly
13 Hardward Business Review Bymonthly
14 Journal of Enterprinership Finance Half Year
15 Journal of Emerging Market Finance Quarterly
16 Review of Market Integration Quarterly
17 CERN Courier Monthly
1 R B I Bulletin Monthly
2 M.C.on Indian Economic Condition Monthly
3 Monthly Public Opinion Survey Monthly
4 Southern Economist Fortnightly
5 Yojana Monthly
6 Economic and Pol.Weekly Weekly
7 Facts for you Monthly
8 Kurukshethra  Monthly
9 Social Welfare Monthly
10 Indian Economic Journal Quarterly
11 Out Look Money Fortnightly
12 Quarterly Economic Reports Quarterly
13 Economic Affairs Quarterly
14 Indian Journal of Labour Economic Quarterly
15 Journal of Global Values Half Year
16 Global Journal of Emarging Market Economics Quarterly
17 Indian Journal of Economic & Research Quarterly
1 National Geography Monthly
2 Down to Earth Fortnightly
3 India Today Travel Plus Monthly
4 Out Look Travels Monthly
5 National Geography Traveller Monthly
6 JSS C M Journal Half Year
1 Studies in History Half Yearly
2 The Sikh Review. Monthly
3 Indian Horizan Quarterly
4 Indian Historical Reviaw Half Yearly
1 Humanism Monthly
2 South Asian Journal of Social Political Studies Half Yearly
3 Panchayathraj Update Half Yearly
4 Indian Journal of Public Administration Quarterly
5 Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Rights Quarterly
1 Current Science Fortnightly
2 Ind. Journal of Pure & App.Physics Monthly
3 Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science Physics Half Yearly
4 Vijnyana Lokha Monthly
5 Pramana  Journal of Physics Monthly
6 A Journal of Science Monthly
7 CSIR News ByMonthly
8 Ind. Journal of Polymori  Techonology Half Yearly
1 Indian journal of Biotechnology Quarterly
2 Nisargopachar vartha Monthly
3 Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science Bio-Science Half Yearly
4 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology Monthly
5 Life Science & Industries News Monthly
6 Diabetes & Prevention Quarterly
7 Indian Journal of  Biotechonology Research Half Yearly
8 Indian Journal of Biotechonology & Biochemistry Half Yearly
1 Resonance   Monthly
2 Indian Journal of Chemistry A & B Monthly
3 Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment  Quarterly
4 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology Quarterly
5 Bullutin of Pure and  Applied Science Chemistry Quarterly
1 Science Reporter Monthly
2 Indian journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics Bi-Monthly
3 Vijnanasangaathi Monthly
4 Journal of Scientific & Industrial Rescarch Monthly
5 Indian journal of Pure & Applied Chemistry Quarterly
1 Mathematics Education Quarterly
2 Bulletin of pure and Applied Science Mathematics Monthly
1 Bulletin for Pure and Applied Science Zoology Half Yearly
2 Animal Citizen Half Yearly
1 Data Quest Monthly
2 P C World Quest Monthly
3 Digits Monthly
4 Linux Monthly
5 Express Computer Weekly
6 Voice Data Monthly
1 Journal of Bio Science Quarterly
2 Agro Bio's News Letters Monthly
3 Bulletin of Pure Applied Science Half Yearly
1 Electronics for you Monthly
1 Indian Green File Monthly
2 Journal of Genetics Monthly
3 FloricultureToday Monthly
4 AGRI Bussiness and Food Industries Monthly
5 Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science Botany Half Yearly
1 Dharmaprabha Monthly
2 Prasada     Bi-Monthly
3 Sankaramana Bi-Monthly
4 Basava Belagu Quarterly
5 Kalyana Kirana Monthly
6 Siddaganga Monthly
7 J S S Masapathrike Quarterly
8 Kannada Nudi Monthly
9 Basava Patha Monthly
10 Aruhu Kuruhu Monthly
1 Yuva Bharathi Monthly
2 Journal of Indian Writing in English Byannual
3 The Quest Byannual
4 The Literary Criterian Quarterly
5 Basava Journal Quarterly
6 A Peer Review Journal of English Literature Quarterly
1 Ajkal Monthly
2 Hindi Prachar Samachar Monthly
3 Avekanta Monthly
1 Thattvaloka Monthly
2 Sambhashana Sandesha Monthly
3 Dharma Monthly
4 Rangavitala Monthly
1 Journal of School Social Work Monthly
2 Asian Economic Review Quarterly
3 Education World Monthly
4 New Frontiers Education Quarterly
5 Social Change Bio-Monthly
6 Journal of Rural Development Quarterly
7 Psychological Studies Quarterly
8 Administrative Change Bio-Annual
9 Review Journal of Philosophy and Social Science Half Yearly
10 Review Journal of Political Philosophy Half Yearly
11 Edu Tech Monthly
12 Journal of Development and Social change Half Yearly
13 Personnel Today Quarterly
14 Indian Factory and Labour Report Monthly
15 My Name is Today Half Yearly
16 Indian Journal of Social Work Half Yearly
17 Samaja Karyada Hejjegalu Monthly
18 Mentor Monthly
19 Research Journal of Philosophy & Social Science Half Yearly
20 National Journal of Professional Social Work  Half Yearly
1 Annals of Library and Information Studies Quarterly
2 Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science Library Progress Monthly
3 NBT News letters Monthly
4 The Librarian Journal Monthly
5 Indian Journal of Library & Information Techonology Half Yearly
1 National Geographic Monthly