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About the Department

The Department of English came into existence in the year 1967. Ever since it was established it has strived to meet the challenges of teaching English language to local learners. The department consisted of qualified enthusiastic teachers who extended their knowledge to the younger generation and equip them to be English language proficient but also to keep up with the demanding trends of the changing educated society. Besides teaching English language to all streams (Arts, Commerce and Science) we also qualify optional English students to become future English teachers. Along with the curriculum the department has organized seminars and workshop to further literary awareness and knowledge about recent writers and critics. Autonomy gives us the liberty to frame syllabi that updates literary outbreaks and the ever changing scenario of the literary world. Attempts to improve slow learners are constantly made through revision, remedial classes etc. Classroom seminars are conducted regularly to prepare the students for higher studies and competitive exams. The department also extends a English language lab for the benefit of the students. A department library also maintained for staff and students to write and benefit.

Programme Offered

Languages:  BA,BSc,BCom,BBA,BCA & B.Voc

Optional English:  BA


  • To enable students to acquire good communicative skills.
  • To motivate students to pursue higher studies and research.
  • To encourages students to involve in creative actives.
  • To enhance the students in communicative skills
  • Enable them to develop reading, writing, speaking & listening skills
  • Help them in overall development
  • Equip them to face interviews and new challenges.



          JBN BA:-  Understand how cultural, historical, political, linguistic and environmental forces shape the world and recognize the role of the individual within communities to effect changes.



             It offered all interested students unique access to other ways of thinking by introducing them to English language literature and cultures different from their over, with comes content from the Ancient world to the contemporary context, we provide our students with a broad education which encompasses them the arts without neglecting the practical cultural awareness and linguistic accuracy prepare students for successful participation in the global community.



       I and II Semester-Poetry, Prose and Language Component

  • Enable students to recognize and appreciate different forms of literature.
  • Motivate interest for further readings.
  • Improve the use of correct English in writing.

    III and IV Semester- Novel, Drama and Language Components

  • Encourage advanced studies in literature.
  • Concentrate on a single volume to study and understand.
  • Further the technical aspects of English language.


       I and II Semester-Poetry, Novel, Drama and essays

  • Introduce the students to great classics and its relevance.
  • Creates an insight into the scenario of literary advancement.
  • Give ways to new horizons of their imaginative of expression.

       III and IV Semester-Criticism, Literary terms, Prose and Essays.

  • Enhance literary awareness of responses to creative writers.
  • Exposes to modern writers and the capabilities of current writings.
  • Provide motivation for future studies in literature.

       V and VI semester- Modern Literature, Translations Origin of English language

  • Focus is on student participation.
  • Stress on self expression and ability to utilize language skills.
  • Set their aims towards higher studies in literature and for professional courses.

English language lab:

                        The lab was established in 2007 by the English department. It comprises of about 30 computers and segments. Software from ‘Young India Company’ on Clarity English, Soft skills, Communicative skills and Personality development has been uploaded to the systems. Classes in the lab are regularly conducted in batches. The course duration is 60 hrs at the end of which tests are held to grade the performance of the students.


Prof. Arundathi Mala
M.A | HoD, & Associate Professor
Dr. Poornima. M
M.A PhD | Associate Professor
Mrs. P. Vasumathi
M.A | Assistant Professor
M.A, B.Ed | Assistant Professor
M.A, B.Ed | Assistant Professor