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About the Department

The Deparment of History came in to existence in the year 1967.  History is a compulsory paper for Ist BA and IInd  BA students as per CBCS Scheme (HP and HE) and III rd BA  Semister Scheme (HEP, HEG and HEE).  Our department has Carrier Oriented  Course in Certificate/Diplomo/Advanced Diplomo which helps students job opportunity  in Tourism.  Our subject consists Ancient Medieval and Modern Indian History, European and Asian History, which helps the students for taking competitive examinations like, IAS and IPS. Our subject also teaches Ancient and Modern Karnataka History and also the South Indian History which helps the students for taking KAS and other competative exams. Our faculty has consisting 4 members.   Our aim is to create and acquire relevant knowledge along with skill and global competencies and disseminate the same among students. Provide holistic education through relevant curricula, programmes and pedagogic innovations focusing on employability and self employment. Undertake research work contributing to the creation knowledge, skills and its applications for sustainable development. To establish linkage and collaborations for the betterment of teaching, learning, research and extension activities.  Providing good infrastructure, human resource, and necessary support services for the betterment of student’s progress and welfare. Promoting national integration, human rights, universal brotherhood and community development activities through inclusive practices.

Our department has 3107 books, 1390 titles,  5 journal 100 department library books with computer, printer and internet facility.  Our staff members have attended many State Level and National Level Seminar, and presented several papers.  We are conducting special lectures from resource persons and seminar for students, giving assignments, and project works.

Our Department vision is to be known as an  Institution providing need based, skill integrated, cost effective, quality and holistic education, transforming the students into globally competitive employable and responsible citizens and to be recognized as centre of excellence.

Programme Offered


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Programme Objectives

To create  Co-ordination and Co-operation with the students and staff, proper guidance to the students, conducting seminars/test/Quiz/project work to the students, special lectures were conducting from the department by the resource persons, maintaining up-to-date attendance, conducting staff meeting once in a week, Disciplined and good teaching from the faculty to the students, conducting Historical tours and photo exhibitions to created political and cultural awareness to the students, Completion of syllabus with in time, Maintenance of good departmental library, Healthy relationship among the faculty members, providing  up-to-date maps, Motivating  the students to participate in sports and cultural activities.

Students who come under late admission were updated regarding the syllabus and remedial classes for the weak students.  The syllabus were revised once in three years and giving importance to the current events and topics that befit to the students.

Programme Outcomes

  1.  Identify cultural synthesis
  2.  Analyse Democratic culture
  3.  Identify concept of social informatics
  4.  Realization of human values and creative ability
  5.  Sense of social services
  6.  Develop practical skills helpful in the study and understanding of historical events.
  7.   Understand background of our religion, customs institutions  Administration and so on.
  8.  Analyse relationship between the past and the present is lively In the history.
  9.  History installs the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of the pupils
  10.  The study of history helps to in part moral education


The Head: R.Sujathakumari

Phone No: 9900744383

Email: sujathaprakash558@gmail


Mrs. R. Sujatha Kumari
M.A, M.Phil. | Assistant Professor and HOD
M.A, M.Phil. | Assistant Professor
M.A,M.Phil | Lecturer
Mrs. K.P.Leena
M.A., B.Ed | Assistant Professor