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About the Department:

            P.G. Department of Zoology was started during the academic year 2017-18 with a student strength of 25. Management of the college took brisk steps to fulfil the basic needs of the department viz., faculty, laboratory facilities, museum specimens, ICT enabled classrooms, necessary equipments, chemicals and glasswares. At present the department is equipped with basic infrastructure. Presently six dedicated and well qualified faculty members are working in the department, among them three of the faculty members are Ph.D., holders and have cleared UGC-CSIR NET/ KSET. Another three faculty members have cleared KSET. All the faculty members are actively involved in research and academic activities. During the academic year 2018-19, 40 students sought admission to M.Sc., Zoology. At present, 21 students are studying in IV semester and 39 students in II semester.

Programme offered: M.Sc., Zoology (2 years) CBCS scheme.

Programme objectives:

  • To provide the students with basic concepts of Zoology.
  • To develop analytical and problem solving skills among the students.
  • Encourage the students to develop skills related to research and academic activities.
  • To develop the ability to identify the thrust areas of research and to encourage the students to take up innovative research projects.

Programme outcomes:

  • Imbibe the knowledge with facts and figures related to Zoology.
  • Understand the basic concepts, fundamental principles, and the scientific theories related to various scientific phenomena and their relevance in the day-to-day life.
  • Identify, formulate, research literature, and analyze complex problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematical, biological, physical and chemical sciences.
  • Will able to think creatively to propose novel ideas in explaining facts and figures or providing new solution to the problems.
  • Develop scientific outlook not only with respect to Zoology but also in all aspects related to life.
  • Realize that interdisciplinary knowledge in other faculties can influence evolving new scientific theories and inventions greatly and effectively.
  •  Imbibe ethical, moral and social values in personal and social life leading to highly cultured and civilized personality.
  • Develop various communication skills such as reading, listening, speaking, etc.
  • Realize that acquiring knowledge is a continuous process and in combination with untiring efforts and positive attitude and other necessary qualities leads towards a successful life.



Click here for Syllabus of 2017-18

Click here for Syllabus of 2018-19


Laboratory Facilities:

            The department has two well equipped student laboratories with internet facilities and one of the laboratories is provided with overhead projector to enable the students  to visualise virtual dissection software and online applications related to anatomy of animals, animal phylogeny and evolution, proteomic and genomic web tools. Department also houses a well furnished museum with a good collection of specimens to cater the student needs.   


Department came into existence during the academic year 2017-18, first batch students are now in IV semester and yet to pass out.  

Higher education:

Department came into existence during the academic year 2017-18, first batch students are now in IV semester and yet to pass out. 


Contact :    Dr. Nijagal B.S. M.Sc, Ph.D.

                  Head of the Department

Phone No: 9742172101 / 9686451502

Email      :

Faculty PG

M.Sc, Ph.D | Assistant Professor & HOD
MSc, PhD | Assistant Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D., KSET | Assistant Professor
M.Sc, K-SET, (PhD) | Assistant Professor
MSc, KSET | Assistant Professor
MSc | Assistant Professor
| Assistant Professor